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Pilates Wheel DLX

Pilates Wheel DLX

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The same portability as COR with an added anchor system.

The anchor can be secured to any fixed or heavy object for real feel reformer. DLX (anchored) Pilates Wheel system allows you to do all of the workouts and exercises that you can do with COR but adds an anchor component that you can use to make progressions from COR movements to more advanced anchor movements, increase repertoire, and gives you access to more instruction, including strength and cardio workouts.

With the DLX package you will receive:

  • The Pilates Wheel
  • 2 light resistance bands (32"ea)
  • 2 med. resistance bands (32"ea)
  • 2 heavy resistance bands (45"ea)
  • 2 handles
  • 2 foot loops
  • Access to online instruction
    • 15 thoroughly instructed routines (Including: fundamentals, anchor, cardio, and strength)
    • Access available to live and on demand classes
  • 1 balance staff/anchor
  • 1 anchor strap
  • 2 anchor extenders
  • Nutrition guide